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A picture of two people looking through an iron gate. They are stood in a stone arch way. One person has a camo coloured back pack

Community based

We support young people to develop their skills and knowledge using their own interests and hobbies, in their local community. 
We offer a broad range of subjects including English and communication, mathematics, life skills and work experience opportunities. 

An image of a student sitting on the floor using an arrow to point to the numbers on a clock made of sticky notes

Person centred

Our individualised curriculums can also include specific areas of interest, such as DJing, art and design and media, built around the student’s level and speed of learning. 

A picture of a student with learning tools on a deak. The student is wearing a wicker hat. There is a green plant and big picture in the background
An image of students using pavement chalk to draw fruit - they are also surrouted my maths calculations

Tailored approach

Our focus is to help relieve any anxiety or fear over traditional classroom based subjects and learning. Our staff are experts in finding innovative ways to teach, often hiding learning within activities of personal interest to make them fun, engaging and meaningful to the individual.

SMART targets

We continuously monitor progress, tracking student achievement through SMART targets linked to the young person’s Education Health and Care plan.

Alternative Provision for students aged 14 and above

We are an approved Stage 4 Provider for schools in Cambridgeshire providing individual classes or group workshops, for students aged 14 and over who are not accessing mainstream education, at risk of exclusion or with special educational needs.

We want our students to take pride in their learning, so we use a range of exam boards to ensure we accredit progress. Our most popular certificates are ASDAN Towards Independence, ASDAN Workright, Arts award and AQA units.

"Quality care, learning support, family support and learning opportunities. In the words of Tina Turner 'simply the best!' My daughter has progressed with learning and social skills which will no doubt help her immensley in the future with work opportunities and independent living.

Fantastic, caring staff. Always on hand to help. A real safety net. You can't go wrong when choosing Bedazzle to support your young person and their family"

- K. Martin

"After watching my son struggle with his last few years of schooling, at 19 years old he was given the opportunity to start working with Bedazzle. We have never looked back. His communication has improved, he is more confident, he has learnt the concept of time, the list goes on. He is now 26 years old and still making progress through their creative approach and high expectations. Nothing is impossible when working with Bedazzle."

- D. Graveling

"G has had a very positive experience at Bedazzle over the years, he has had the opportunity to work with many talented members of staff and has benefitted from many rich and nurturing experiences. As you know, so often autistic young people have a really tough time at school so it's been lovely for G to finish his educational journey with a successful and enjoyable last few years.

Thank you for your support and the high quality of education that G has received, his needs are complex and I'm grateful for the personalised and flexible approach that has enabled him to meet his potential and flourish."

- J. Bishop

"S has changed and improved so much since he's been with you, he's progressing. He is communicative and interactive. He listens to me and understands what we want from him and is happy to comply. You've done an amazing job with him and I am truly grateful."

- J. Thompson

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