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Working together

At Bedazzle, we are committed to ensuring that everyone works together to create the best possible experience for service users.

Our professional and community values are very
important to us at Bedazzle; t
ogether, we will support each other.

Staff at Bedazzle will

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Know the people who use Bedazzle and know their names

  • Have high expectations of themselves and all service users

  • Model good behaviour

  • Promote social and emotional well-being

  • Listen carefully to service users

  • Take incidents seriously and ensure that they are properly reported

  • Ensure the space is safe and clean

  • Prepare sessions carefully

  • Make sure that the necessary records are kept

  • Involve service users in all decisions that involve them

  • Work with families and other agencies to ensure effective transitions

A picture of two staff members in Purple bedazzle logo'd T-shirts. the tutor on the left is holding a comic lips prop up to their mouth. The other tutor is smiling into the camera
A picture of a student doing a thumbs up and smiling into the camera. They are wearing a blue and red striped jumper. Behind them are other students

Students at Bedazzle will

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Arrive on time and with everything needed for the session

  • Listen to other people

  • Work positively with other people

  • Report any concerns or problems

  • Look after Bedazzle spaces and Bedazzle equipment

Families and carers will

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Support the service users to let us know if they won’t be attending

  • Support the service users to fill in any necessary paperwork

  • Support the service users to arrive on time and with anything they might need for the session

  • Support the service users to report any concerns or problems

  • Support the service users to notify the organisation about any needs or relevant medical information

  • Support the service users to engage with any progress reviews

An image to two people smiling directly into the camera. The person on the left has their arm around the person on the right. They are both wearing bedazzle black jumpers


Bedazzle takes its duty of care to students and staff very seriously and we have policies and guidance available to cover all main aspects of risk assessment, safety and procedures, particularly relating to safeguarding students. All staff have annual safeguarding training and are DBS checked.

We’ve provided links to our safeguarding policies for children and vulnerable adults as well as our GDPR policy.

If you have any questions, you can contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads:

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