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Work Experience

A photo of a stuent in a garden watering the plants. they are stood infront of two polly tunnels and they are wearing a blue shirt
A photo of a student using a henry hoover in a church. they are stood infront of a stain glass window
A photo of a studnent working infront of a wall of books. They are wearing a green check shirt

Finding a meaningful pathway into adulthood is an important aspect of our programmes. Our goal is always to prepare our students and community members with meaningful skills, experience and qualifications, supporting them to continue moving forward after their programmes come to an end.

Bedazzle supports young people through their bespoke educational packages to engage with a variety of different work experience opportunities. We have set up successful work experience placements at venues across the region, including:

  • Ely Cathedral

  • St. Philip's Church

  • Sense charity shop

  • Snakehall Farm

We take time to seek out placements that will be the right fit for the individual and that will provide them with opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with employers and co-workers and, if relevant, their social care community, so that they can continue with their pathway into adulthood. 

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