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Our Work

Our students on our Bedazzle programmes get the opportunity to participate in many of our different productions. Take a look below at what we've been up to.

A poster for 'One for the Road' . The poster shows a snowy road surrounded by trees. The title is on the top of the poster in a spooky font

One For The Road

November 2023

Written by Sarah Leigh and based on the short story by Stephen King. Produced by Bedazzle Inclusive Productions and Inclusivity Films.

Foundation Panto: Jack and the Beanstalk

December 2023

In 2023, the Foundation Course produced an inclusive pantomime. We took an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk on tour to local schools, featuring music, dance and Makaton, performing to over 300 children.

A poster for 'Jack and the beanstalk'. a pink background with a green beanstalk growing up the middle. the title is in a banner along the bottom. rehearsal photos are on the right hand side in black and white
A poster for 'Imagine'. Picture of a jester holding a phone in the centre of the image. A croud below hold their phones up.

Imagine... Crowd-pleasers

November 2023

The theme for this year’s Imagine… showcase was Crowd-pleasers. Our Community Theatre groups provided us with some spectacular performances, including two entire numbers - Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and Rule The World by Take That, complete with Makaton signing. 

Foundation Course: Tales Untold

July 2023

This year, the Foundation Course created a piece inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm and took their show “Tales Untold” to The Junction in Cambridge.

A poster for 'Tales Untold'. Two mythical drawings of heads with gold and green hair look into the centre of the page to see a fairy.
a poster for 'Imagine legends'. A picture of a limousine with the jester walking out of it. He is being met by drawings of paparazi.

Imagine... Legends

November 2022

The theme for this year’s Imagine… showcase was Legends. Students from across all our Community Theatre groups, plus our dance troupe, wowed the audience with classics from Elvis, to Abba to the Spice Girls.  The programme also included two whole group numbers: Coldplay’s Viva la Vida and, of course, Imagine by John Lennon, complete with Makaton signing. 


July 2022

Based on the BiP production I’m Non Typical, Typical, and produced in partnership with Inclusivity Films, Typical? is a short film, due for release early next year. A group of disabled individuals challenge the narrative that society has placed on them. The screenplay is adapted from the original script for our Edinburgh Fringe production. 

A picture of a fil, clapper board for the film typical. on on board there is text written in marker board pen. It reads "scene 1, roll A004 , slate 024, take 1, daye 25/07/22
a poster for 'a Shakespearean showcase'. On the poster is also a bust of Shakespeare .

Foundation Course: Shakespearean Showcase

July 2022

In summer 2022, our performers jumped into the world of Shakespeare and produced work spanning a range of forms, inspired by the Bard. From devised pieces to original songs, monologues to interpretive movement, the Bedazzle Foundation students explored the clash between classical and contemporary. With Shakespeare’s stories offering a creative springboard, this showcase broke  down barriers to the perceived idea of ‘who’ Shakespeare is for, championing inclusivity. 

I'm Non-Typical, Typical

August 2019

A hard-hitting inclusive theatre piece exploring the stories of disabled people through the mediums of dance, monologue and visual imagery.

A poster for I'm Non-Typical, Typical' in neon green writing. Next to that writing is a outline of a face and hands trying to push their way through black sheer fabric
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